UrBody, UrMind, UrSoul. it’s all about YOU!

       Urphoric Nurvana is a place to elevate your life to a better financial condition. Elevate your wellness, body, mind, and soul. Whether your goal is complete enlightenment, or becoming more fit, you will find answers to your most sought after questions. Diet, nutrition, fitness, wellness, inspiration, elation, relationships, mysticism, and religion are all areas that we delve into. Escape from the daily grind through meditation, various workout programs, hypnosis, psychology experts, products, services, and events.


Enjoy the Journey

Health is not the absence of sickness. Health is well-being, strength, vigor, vitality, energy, and vivacity. Discover ultimate health and happiness with the balance of nutrition, diet, and fitness.

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Health is the vital principle of bliss, and exercise of health.

~ James Thomson

Experience Inner Wisdom

We attract what we think about. Your mind is always active and you are always learning new things, it is aware, it is all knowing. Our mind defines our reality; create an atmosphere of positive expectancy. Yearn for more knowledge and seek emotional bliss. When you control your mind, you become master of yourself. There are three components of the mental body–the conscious mind gives the positive command; the subconscious mind tells you how to achieve it; the superconscious mind makes it happen. Learn how to achieve ultimate mindfulness throughout your mental planes.

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The mind is everything. What you think you become.

~ Buddha


Feel Light, Love, and Joy

Love is the freedom of your soul’s existence. Find your inner essence and tap into your natural right of true bliss. Achieve Urphoric Nurvana so that you can harness happiness, self-enlightenment, and self-actualization.

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The main requirement for spiritual growth: A yearning to know who you really are.

~ Adyashanti

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